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 A Commitment to Public Education

The National Council of Education Providers (NCEP) is an alliance of organizations that provide quality education opportunities and high quality curriculum for families in the communities we serve.

NCEP is an advocate for equity, opportunity, innovation and performance in K-12 education:


Opportunity - through quality educational options for families,


Equity - to ensure fairness in funding so that children can succeed,


Innovation - through development of new technologies and programs to guarantee better education and academic achievement, and


Performance - focusing on accountability as a core principle of our schools and in so doing, driving accountability throughout the public education spectrum.


Edison Schools Rated Top Education Service Provider
National Center Provides First-Ever Scientifically-Based Evaluation of New Education Industry
A new study by the Comprehensive School Reform Quality Center of the American Institutes of Research has rated Edison Schools the nation’s top Education Service Provider. The study, released April 24, is designed to be a guide for consumers. Edison earned the highest score possible in such important categories as the research basis of its design, professional development and technical assistance, and readiness for successful implementation. April 27, 2006


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Our Members - Who and where we are


Our Schools - Delivering vital, quality education to more than 255,000 children through 279 charter and other public schools in 26 states and the District of Columbia


Our Goals - Advocating equity, opportunity, innovation and performance in K-12 education


Our Code of Ethics - Regarding partner relations, student achievement, financial accountability, school operations and parental and community involvement.


Our Policy Commitment - Delivering vital, quality education through charter and other public schools


Our Contribution - A committed employer in 25 states and the District of Columbia and growing

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